Although the plans for Airplanehome have been worked out in detail and the airplane is already been bought, the support of investors is highly needed in order to realize this unique project. We currently looking for entrepreneurs who like to form any kind of cooperation with this innovative and sustainable project.

For companies this sponsorship agreement can lead to several advantages as increased brand awareness through the enormous media attention which is currently one of our main activities. But also limited space for company logo’s is reserved on fuselage of the airplane, a company mention in our welcome video to our customers or colouring of the total aircraft in your style for instance are all possibilities in our cooperation.

Via our Facebookpage you can keep track about updates about the project. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

Hopefully our website made you curious about the project and made you willing to invite me for a personal conversation about the diverse possibilities. I would sincerely appreciate a short-term meeting in where we can find some opportunities for collaboration to realize this project together. The project of dreams, dares and do’s.

Paul Wijers

Website: www.airplanehome.nl

Mail: info@airplanehome.nl

Phone: +31(0)619902500