Stay over

Have you ever dreamed of staying overnight in a Boeing 727? This seems impossible without turbulence and screaming children. However this ‘once in a lifetime experience’ is possible at Airplanehome. You will feel like a millionaire in your own private jet. This experience is beyond description.

From 15.00 on you are welcome to check-in. With your boarding pass you are welcome to go on board and you will be warmly received by the owner or the flight crew members.

Firstly, you will receive a welcome drink and snack. After this, you will get a guided tour through the airplane, from cockpit to tail. After the introductory video, your aspirations will be noted for the next morning. Do you prefer a vegetarian breakfast or a special diet? No problem! You are the guest, so you decide!

From this moment on, the airplane is all yours. You like to get the opportunity to hold the controls in the intact and fully functional cockpit? Or do you prefer to pop a bottle of wine while taking a seat in the first class? You will rediscover your childhood days in this enormous airplane!

This room is tastefully decorated in the style of the 1970’s, the time this airplane made its first flight.  The room is luxuriously furnished with many modern conveniences, offering a king-sized bed, too. After spending the night in the airplane you will wonder, where have we been landed?

At the designated time, the large and luxurious breakfast will be served in the lounge area. At about 12 o’clock the time has come to check out. When you check-out you will receive a personal gift.

You can book the accommodation as soon as Airplanehome is opened. From this time on, you can use the reservation system.

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