About Airplanehome

Have you ever wondered what happens with old, not serving airplanes? Well 99% of those airplanes that are noncompliant with international environmental and safety standards are being demolished or stored into the desert. But now, Airplanehome will give one of those airplanes a new life in a very unique way!

In only a number of months from now a 43-year-old Boeing 727 will be rebuilt into a hotel suite, conference room and lounge located nearby the runways of Maastricht-Aachen airport. This impressive concept gives you the opportunity to experience an overnight stay like never before. Also your business meeting will be more inspiring as ever before, as this is now possible in a real airplane. As the Boeing 727 was very popular in the seventies, the airplane will partly be designed in this style. What is even more unique is that the total project will become energy-neutral as all used materials and devices are sustainable. Additional to this, solar panels will be affixed at the wings of the aircraft for energy recovery. Also innovative techniques will be used to heat/cool down the airplane in comfortable temperature for our guests. And last but not least, only recyclable packaging will be used.

In order to connect with the community and to increase educational opportunities in the Netherlands we will work together with the Aviation Competence Centre in Maastricht, located close by Airplanehome. Through this cooperation, aviation students get the opportunity to work in real-life situations which will increase the level of education.

In conclusion, Airplanehome will be the most sustainable hotel suite, lounge and conference room of the entire Netherlands!

About the Entrepreneur

Since I was little, commercial aviation sparked my interest. However, I have never chosen to find a study or job in this sector. The aviation industry is a complex and unstable sector. This was in particular seen on the 11th of September, 2001, when the attacks in New York took place. This sector has changed greatly in the last 20 years. By allowing the lost-cost carriers to emerge, the experience of taking a flight has decreased. Nowadays, you can book a flight for a few tenners in a fully booked airplane. The experience of taking a flight does not have the priority anymore, because a few hours later the airplane arrives at a sunny destination far from home..

After several studies, I ended up working in the retail trade. My big dream was to become a manager of a leading retailer. In 2008, I became a manager and after a successful period I switched to working in a higher turnover category. During the 3,5 years I worked here, I was responsible for 140 people and millions of revenue. This sounds very cool and challenging, but for me it was not.

I am someone who is very ambitious, who pulls the cart and who likes to take initiative. As a manager of multimillion-dollar company I could not use my capacities as I was being limited. The most important aspect was earning money and optimizing the profit. As a result, the customer was not central anymore to their thoughts and actions. The same phenomenon is seen with the low-cost carriers in the aviation industry, where everything is squeezed to the last cent. In my opinion, this can be done differently.

From 2004 on, I have been busy with the launch of Airplanehome. I wanted to create a unique concept, a concept that has not been realized before to create a distinctive profile. Because I have always been interested in commercial aviation, this plan remained dwelling in my head.

The realization of a hotel concept placed in an old airplane, in combination with the experience of the past. I have been working on this plan for the last 3 years and I have tested it by different marketing companies. Soon I was convinced that the realization of my plan is feasible. After a lot of meetings, organizing and modifications, the launch of Airplanehome is almost definitive.

In 2017, Airplanehome will open its doors! From then it is possible to stayover, to meet, to have a photoshoot or to organize a children’s party in a real Boeing! After searching for a long period I finally found the right airplane. In a couple of months the airplane will be transferred to Maastricht so the rebuilding into a guesthouse with lounge can start. The airplane will be partly rebuilt in the style of the 1970’s, the time in where taking a flight was very special. This special perception can be re-experienced by the guests.

By using innovative techniques the airplane will be energy-neutral. The goal is to develop the most sustainable hotel room in the Netherlands. I am very happy to say that I can finally start realizing my plans.

Paul Wijers, Owner Airplanehome.