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23 October 2017 – Status update.

We have some great news to share about Airplanehome!

The province of Limburg decided to contribute to our unique project. That means that they will provide us a subsidy in order to improve the touristic attractions in Limburg. Partly due to this support, Airplane can now almost be realized. A big thank for all the people who had faith in this project!

Behind the scenes we are still working very hard to gather the last financial resources. If you have any interest in investing in Airplanehome, please feel free to contact us via the website. Together we will contribute to innovation, experience and education!

1 September 2017 – Status update.

Dear Fans,

We would like to inform you about the developments of Airplanehome. On the 12th of June we started with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This campaign was online for about two months and unfortunately we did not meet the goal amount in order to realize Airplanehome.

However, the international crowdfunding on Kickstarter has opened enormous new opportunities. We currently started a collaboration with some national and international sponsors who see potential in investing in Airplanehome.

Behind the scenes we are currently working very hard on approaching (local) companies in order to form a partnership/sponsorship. Various companies have already agreed on a sponsorship. Names of those companies will soon be published on our website ( After this busy summer period, September and October will also be used in order to find more company collaboration.

Besides that, we are currently working on diverse subsidy opportunities with the goal to make a big success of Airplanehome.

In conclusions, the dream to open Airplanehome is becoming more and more reality.

Whenever you have interest in a partnership or any kind of sponsorship, please to not hesitate to contact Paul Wijers for more information (

Support and share information about this unique project! We need the help of our fans!

Team Airplanehome.

8 August 2017 – End of crowdfunding campaign.

Today we reached our deadline on Kickstarter and unfortunately we did not meet our goal. However, we have learned a lot during and from this campaign as it has given us lots of new opportunities. Therefore, Airplanehome has recently started a new business plan in which we now will focus on cooperation with companies, organizations and government settings instead of the crowdfunding via Kickstarter. That does not mean that individual financial support is not welcome anymore. We still appreciate support from our fans and investments can still be done. Whenever you are interested in investing in this unique, sustainable and educative project please contact me via and we will find a way for your to be a part of this project.

Through this message we would kindly like to thank you for your support and believe in Airplanehome. Despite the fact that it did not work out for us through this platform the dream to open Airplanehome will still be realized. Feel free to follow Airplanehome on our Facebookpage so you can keep updated about our developments. We are looking forward to inform you about the project and proudly present you the opening of Airplanehome.

13 may 2017 – Update crowdfunding campaign.

Yes, It’s official!!!

Sunday 11-06-2017 we kickoff the Airplanehome promotion campaign at the RAF Cosford airshow. During this big aviation event we present Airplanehome to the public and media. Stay informed and follow our facebook page.

Regards, Team Airplanehome.

26 feb 2017 – Final shoots for crowdfunding campaign.

The last filmshoots before we can start the international crowdfunding campaign.

Just the last details, some impressions…