Airplanehome is a durable hotel that is contrary to the traditional operations of most of the entrepreneurs. Corporate social responsibility is at the top of our agenda.

This will not only be realized because an already used airplane will be utilized (100% recycling) but also because innovative techniques will be used to heat/cool down the airplane.  Furthermore, solar panels will be affixed at the wings of the airplane for energy recovery. Moreover, water saving measures have been implemented that are environmentally compatible. There are also important choices been made related to food and beverage, waste and cleaning.

After the opening of Airplanehome the following facts will be secured:

  • Energy-neutral hotel (no CO2 emission and the purchase of green energy)
  • No waste (Waste policy by only using recyclable packaging)
  • The airplane is completely enlightened by using led lighting and energy-saving devices are installed
  • Goal is to receive the Green Key Gold distinction within 2 years

In the future, Airplanehome will continue to develop in the field of sustainability. We would like to keep our position and serve as an example for other entrepreneurs in corporate social responsibility. Our future plan consists of implementing wind turbines in the old engines of the airplane.